Tweak PDF Manager's Free Online PDF Editor

Online there are a very limited number of free tools for editing PDF documents because formatting PDF files is usually very difficult.
Many of the available online PDF editors tend to fall short of what people are looking for, because they tend to miss out on some of the key editing tools people need.
Tweak PDF Manager, on the other hand, has a great number of PDF editing tools available for users at no cost whatsoever.
With Tweak PDF Manager there are seven different editing tools to help your PDF file achieve the appearance you want.
Keep reading to find out which tools Tweak PDF Manager offers as a free online PDF editor!

Tools Offered by Tweak's Free Online PDF Editor

PDF Merger

TA good PDF merger is among one of the most desirable tools of a good PDF editor. That's one of the reasons, Tweak PDF Manager made it a priority to have a PDF merger that can help you to combine multiple PDF files at once and rotate them as you work.
With no time-consuming, unnecessary steps, Tweak PDF Manager's merging software is a cut above the rest and helps you get ahead with your files.

PDF Splitter

Sometimes handling large PDF files can be a pain and can take a lot of time to load or download to your computer, especially if you just want to view a single page. That's why a good PDF splitter is important and can save you time and frustrations!
Tweak PDF Manager's PDF splitter helps you to split your pages by range or to simply extract all pages into individual PDF documents to download, helping you to stay in control.

PDF Compressor

Often PDF documents can take up quite a lot of disc space on your computer, especially if they are scanned documents and you can run the risk of losing some of your files if your computer needs to be emptied.
With Tweak PDF Manager's PDF compressor feature, you can guarantee that you won’t lose a single document, all while saving you space.
Tweak PDF Manager also gives you the chance to choose just how compressed you want your files and what level of quality you want to maintain.

Add Page Numbers

Page numbers are a simple, yet effective way of maintaining organization over your document. However, PDFs were not designed to be edited so adding page numbers is a challenge.
Tweak PDF Manager helps you to add the page numbers you want by giving you a choice of positioning, typography and format.

Add Watermark

Tweak PDF Manager knows that security is extremely important when it comes to sharing your PDF files via email or internet. One way to know that your document is visibly secure is to add a watermark with your own specifications.
You can add an image as a watermark or a text-based watermark too, to your file.
You can also choose just how visible you want your watermark to be by choosing the opacity, position, typography, page layering and rotation.

PDF Converter

Sometimes working exclusively with Microsoft Word documents can be challenging, as often Word documents won't keep their formatting once opened on a different computer.
On top of all of this, Microsoft Word has many versions meaning that older versions of the software are difficult to open in new versions.
One of the only ways to secure that your time spent editing the format of your Word document is not lost, is to convert the Word document to a PDF file.
Tweak PDF Manager helps you to do just that, while also helping you to convert PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Excel documents and images to PDF files.

PDF Rotator

If your file began as a Microsoft Word document, the formatting of the document might have changed slightly due to a minor problem throughout conversion to a PDF file.
One of the common formatting errors is have pages flipped incorrectly.
Tweak PDF Manager offers a quick and easy way of fixing this problem through rotating the PDF files. Once you've uploaded your files, you can flip them anyway you want with a handy button and before you know it, your files will be ready for download!