Free PDF Editor

Free PDF Editor

How often have you had a PDF file that you have needed to make a quick edit to and you’ve been stuck downloading Adobe software?

Well, now you no longer have to download expensive software just to make a single edit. Tweak PDF Manager is a free PDF editor that has seven different tools.

Nowadays, there are so many online PDF editing tools coming out of nowhere. It can be hard to know which websites are safe – and how many retain your PDF documents, without your knowledge.

That’s where Tweak PDF Manager comes in. Tweak deletes your PDF document quickly, and is entirely secure to use. On top of that, it’s also free.

Keep reading to find out more about the services offered by Tweak PDF Manager.

Merge PDF

Merge your PDF files with Tweak PDF Manager. When you click on the ‘merge’ icon from the homepage, you will be able to upload your PDF files.

You can upload your files by clicking on the PDF page icon and searching your computer files for your chosen documents, or you can upload straight from Dropbox.

You can also use the handy drag-and-drop feature to pull in your PDF files from your desktop.

When you click ‘merge PDF’ your files will be ready to download in no time at all.

Split PDF

Splitting PDF files can be a challenge, depending on how you want your pages separated. Regardless of whether you want to separate one page or many, you can use Tweak PDF Manager.

Upload your PDF files and select your separation type – extract all pages, or split by range. You can input your range of page numbers.

Before you click ‘split’ you can choose to merge all ranges into one PDF File.

When you’re ready, your PDF file will be ready to download.

Compress PDF

Compressing a PDF file can be a handy means of reducing a file size and can save you a lot of disc space.

However, the last thing you want to do is damage the quality of your PDF files. That’s why Tweak PDF Manager gives you three different options of compression.

You can choose between:

Extreme compression – less quality, high compression.

Recommended compression – good quality, good compression.

Less compression – high quality, less compression.

Add Page Number to PDF

Having page numbers on your PDF file makes organization all the easier.

Edit the typography of your page numbers, and the layout of your page numbers. If a page number design you want to use isn’t there, then you can always create your own custom layout.

Add Watermarks to PDF

Adding watermarks to your PDF can really customize your documents. Watermarks let people know who owns the document, regardless of who is reading it.

Tweak PDF Manager lets you edit typography, opacity, position and how many pages your watermark appears on.

You can also upload your own image logo, if you’d prefer to do so!

Convert PDF

Having your documents in PDF files can be an incredibly handy tool. This is a great idea from the point of view of security. Having your information in a PDF file means that your words cannot be easily edited, copied or pasted.

Convert Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and images into PDF files with Tweak PDF Manager

Rotate PDF

Sometimes, after conversion, different pages in your PDF files can be rotated to the angle. That’s why it can be handy to have a rotation tool at your fingertips.

Upload your file and hover your mouse over the document and use the arrow in the right-hand corner of the document to choose a degree to rotate your PDF file too.

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