Minimize Your Flyer Costs

Flyer marketing is practiced from the very early days of traditional marketing and is still one of the most favorable methods of marketing. Flyers do a great deal for any business – by spreading the message around to a maximum number of people. Besides making people aware they also drive the people towards your business. The type of flyer you make depend upon the customer you are targeting.

Tips for Designing Flyers

1. Keep it Simple

Many people try to get every product or service they do when they design their flyers – often the sizes of which are not considerably large. Most of the time, you cannot fit that much on the page and it makes everything look too generic and cluttered. Try to focus on just a couple of your main services and be more detailed about those services.

2. Color Usage is Vital

The colors you choose should reflect your brand and service, but they should also stand out and have an effect that draws your eye. If the image you choose has color, find an active and invigorating color in the image. Use that as the color around the flyer. Whether you’re creating text samples or using color for the text itself, let it pop!

3. Define The Audience

Asking yourself who your customer is will define your leaflet. If you think everyone is your customer, you are incorrect. Everyone needs to define their customer by age, location and social/geographical status. For example, an expensive product needs to reach the right person; there is no sense in casting a wide net, you will have a specific customer reach. The same will apply for a cheaper lower end product.

Reduce Flyer Costs with Tweak Cloud

Knowing how to reduce business flyer costs is a key element of keeping a marketing budget under control and is often what marketers want to know the most. Flyers have long been used to promote businesses large and small due to their relative low costs and because, when they are well designed, they can be highly impactful. Using door-to-door delivery, insertion in newspapers or magazines or addressed direct mail, flyers can create instant awareness of business to consumer and business-to-business products and services.

High quality stock photos and professionally written copy is also included. This high level of design is effectively provided free with the print order you’re buying. However, this type of stock design may not fit the requirements of brands that want to have their own very specific design. For brands, it’s worth considering commissioning a suite of flyer and other collateral items which are frequently used and placing them in a digital asset management service like Tweak Cloud.

Once the design has been completed, these ‘templates’ can be uploaded to Tweak Cloud with brand elements ‘locked down’ to avoid users creating off brand materials. Then, through a web browser, you can make your marketing collateral in an online portal where users without any software or design knowledge can easily make changes and new versions of flyers and other collateral in minutes. Tweak Cloud allows users to easily build picture libraries of brand images, which can be swopped out. Print ready PDFs and JPEGS for social media can be downloaded instantly. Social media posts can be shared directly with Tweak Cloud’s integration to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

By eliminating the ‘double handling’ of marketers and designers working on flyer creation, it is possible to reduce business flyer costs dramatically and enable the creation of special flyers for campaigns that would have been considered too expensive in the past. It is possible to cut out the laborious task of sending files to printers by automatically directing your flyer designs to a printer once it’s completed, with live tracking of production and delivery.

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