Top Marketing Ideas for Realtors

Are you a realtor looking for a way to rejuvenate your marketing techniques, or just hoping to expand on your list of clients and vendors?

If so, then this is the list for you!

Find ways to market your business through these marketing techniques, for both your online and offline audience.

Apply these tips and tricks, and watch your sales and online presence soar!

62 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

  1. Grow your email list.
  2. Send monthly newsletters.
  3. Re-design your website as more user-friendly.
  4. Try Google Ads.
  5. Set-up a customer service Twitter account.
  6. Host webinars.
  7. Offer your expertise in a blog.
  8. Live stream on Facebook.
  9. Host home walk-throughs on YouTube.
  10. Invest in real estate apps.
  11. Build a referral programs.
  12. Get reviews.
  13. Ask your customers to fill out surveys.
  14. Check out Zillow.
  15. Invest in quality photography.
  16. Set up an Instagram account.
  17. Try LinkedIn long form.
  18. Write an eBook.
  19. Invest in print marketing.
  20. Hand out flyers face-to-face.
  21. Never miss an opportunity to communicate with your customer.
  22. Invest in market training.
  23. Add social sharing to your online pages.
  24. Develop a quality business card.
  25. Watch your competition.
  26. Make a Google My Business page.
  27. Write in your local publication.
  28. Be clear on your brand integrity.
  29. Partner with local charities.
  30. Keep in touch with your buyers and clients after sales.
  31. Install Google Analytics.
  32. Reach out to your local TV and radio stations.
  33. Use useful templates for marketing materials.
  34. Know where you rank in Google.
  35. Run a podcast offering advice.
  36. Collaborate with local businesses.
  37. Host family-friendly events.
  38. Make your information mobile-friendly.
  39. Mimic successful realtors.
  40. Only generate quality content.
  41. Register for conferences and tradeshows.
  42. Utilize loyalty points, offering rewards of free advice.
  43. Create an email opt-in on your website.
  44. A/B test your designs.
  45. Make referrals to other realtors.
  46. Send holiday greetings cards to your clients.
  47. Hire a professional copywriter.
  48. Hire a marketing assistant.
  49. Create a catchy logo.
  50. Develop a Pinterest to develop your brand.
  51. Draft an up-to-date marketing plan.
  52. Learn where your target audience spends time.
  53. Sponsor local sports teams.
  54. Offer free in-person advice classes.
  55. Keep your Unique Selling Point at the front of your campaign.
  56. Get feedback from focus group.
  57. Monitor when your brand is mentioned online with Google Alerts.
  58. Offer text alerts of housing updates.
  59. Give online lesson, one hour a week on buying process.
  60. Reuse older print content if relevant.
  61. Input your brand into online forums and groups.
  62. Attend network events.

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While your marketing budget can sometimes be spread thin, investment is always worth it in any way possible. With a little work, you can reach more potential customers without having to take away from your profit.

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