Marketing Material Templates

The benefits of marketing material templates are numerous. Every major advertising and marketing campaign uses templates to reinforce the brand. Every day we see online and offline advertising, which carries similar, but different, ads with different messages or photographs that serve to reinforce the brand and resonate with target customers.

From a design perspective, marketing material templates are important to create order and flow. The poster for a campaign should have the same look and feel as the flyer, the press ad and the online ad. The position of the logo, the background color and the size of the headline and body copy are critical elements that make the design work.

How the Cost of Creating Templates can Escalate

The designer’s craft is in placing these elements in order and ensuring that the marketing and advertising materials are eye catching and attractive, and that the copy is punchy and clear. Often a suite of images and brand messages will be combined together to create a powerful campaign. Brand managers work hard to attract single or multiple demographics and they’ve got to spread their risk on a campaign by using multiple copy lines in the hopes that one will be a winner.

The real skill is producing a set of marketing material templates that can be used for a campaign, a season or even an extended period of time. A great set of marketing templates is a powerful place to start when producing adaptions or new versions of designs. However, new versions will need to be created, often at short notice, with changes to copy or adding in new images. That’s when costs start to rack up. Multiple instructions to external or internal designers mean hours are being clocked up and thousands of dollars spent on new versions, some of which may never see the light of day.

Avoid the Costs of Editing Templates with DAMs

It’s frustrating for graphic designers and wasteful for organizations. They know the design has already been done, and making these new versions end up costing as much or more than the original, on an ongoing basis. The key here is to use the appropriate tools to separate the great craft of graphic design from that of creating new versions and print ready artwork. This can be achieved using DAMs or digital asset management systems. These systems act as a repository for an organization’s brand elements; photos, presentations, videos and other digital assets such as marketing collateral, digital ads, print ads etc.

Most of these systems allow access control over groups or individual static assets to groups of people in the organization. This ‘one central source’ of material is really important. For example, images, which are no longer licensed or appropriate for the brand can be quickly removed from marketing material templates and new material can be quickly available to teams on a national or global level.

However, the real strength of the best DAM systems is the ability to lock down brand elements and provide the brand users with the ability to customize the assets in a way, which doesn’t negatively impact the brand. Customization of the marketing material templates may be required because of price changes or for translation or localization for a foreign market. Businesses with international distributor networks will need to allow their partners to co-brand and customize elements of their marketing collateral for the local audience.

Gain Control over Marketing Material Templates with Tweak Brand

Tweak Brand is a DAM system, which allows totally granular control of marketing material templates in an online environment. Users don’t need software knowledge or licenses for Adobe applications – just a web browser. Using Tweak Brand, Brand Managers can decide if users can make changes to marketing material templates just by giving them restricted access or whether approval is required from head office before a print ready PDF or digital design file is produced. Every version of a design is saved and visible to the Tweak Brand team manager.

It’s possible to automatically send customized files to the appropriate printer, using Tweak Brand’s simple interface. Printers can use the technology to share progress on the production and delivery of marketing collateral and provide tracking links to courier companies.

Using Tweak Brand’s automated personalization allows marketing material templates to be customized with the user’s information, logo or images on the fly, making the process even simpler. It’s a real evolution of the marketing template, which has had huge positive benefits for brands, and end users of design assets throughout the world.

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