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Before Tweak, finding a reliable PDF merger that was both free and wouldn’t add a promotional watermark to your work was a big challenge.

Now you don’t have to search any further! Tweak PDF Manager is a new wave of PDF merging made for absolute ease.

At Tweak we want your work to be just that - yours. No watermarks, no promotions, you are in control of your hard work.

This online PDF tool allows you to combine and merge multiple PDF documents into a single PDF file for free, which is available to download from your internet browser.

With our handy drag-and-drop system, you can simply drag your files and with a single click, your files are merged with both speed and quality. Follow our step-by-step guide below to see exactly how to use Tweak PDF Manager’s merging features

Step One: Select Your PDF Files to combine

To find the files you want to merge, you can drag them directly from your documents folder or desktop into the center of the page, where they will be automatically uploaded.

If you’d prefer you can always click on the center PDF icon, under which it says ‘drop your files here’. From here you can manually search to upload your files straight to the website.

If neither of these two options suit your needs, PDF files can be uploaded from services like Dropbox. With this feature, your work can be instantaneously uploaded and merged.

Step Two: Merge Your PDF Files

Once you are happy with the PDF files you have uploaded and you have no further changes you wish to make, you can click ‘Merge PDF’.

Just wait several moments, and your PDF files will be combined into a single, tidy document!

Step Three: Download Merged PDF

Once your files have been merged, you will see a button appear at the center of your screen, offering you the opportunity to download your merged PDF file.

If you click on this button, your combined file will download to the bottom of your search engine within a few moments. When you open the file, you will see that your files have been merged perfectly.

Other PDF Services by Tweak

Tweak’s PDF Manager does much more than simply merge your chosen PDF documents.

Tweak strives to offer its users the best service possible, with a variety of features which everyone might need at one point or another.

Along with merging PDFs, Tweak helps you split, compress, rotate and convert PDF files.

If you have a business or organization you would like to represent, you are free to add a watermark to your PDF. For ease of organization, you can also add page numbers to your document.

Tweak PDF Manager is available from any web browser at any time. No matter where you or what you’re doing, your files will be available in whatever form you need.

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