The Greatest Online PDF Editor

Every PDF tool you'll ever need, made easy

Have you been looking for a simple, cheaper alternative to Adobe Acrobat – or have you been worried about downloading viruses and taking up disc space with heavy PDF editing software?
If you answered yes to either of these questions and want to have access to an abundance of free PDF editing tools, you need to check out Tweak PDF Manager!
With no limit on the number of files you need to edit or upload Tweak strives to save you time, money and headaches. No more wasting time using printers, scanners or expensive software.
With this glorious new era of online PDF editing, you can pick and choose the cream of the crop and avoid any pesky pitfalls – like promotional watermarks or irritating ads!
Tweak PDF Manager offers seven different editing features as a comprehensive online PDF editor. In this article, we're going to talk you through each of Tweak PDF Manager's features and just what makes it the greatest online PDF editor!

Tweak's Online PDF Editor Features

Splitting and Merging

Tweak PDF Manager does exactly what it says on the tin with this one – splitting and merging your PDF files.
What makes this different from other PDF mergers and splitters, you dare ask? Tweak goes above and beyond to make sure your PDF files are merged and split exactly how you like it!
With splitting, you can choose to a range of pages that you would like to split your pages by, or you can extract all of your pages individually.
When merging, you can upload multiple files at a time and you have the chance to rotate your files before you merge them!

Compressing and Converting

Sometimes, you just need to make your PDF files as small as possible and get them to take up less space. To do this, you have to compress. It's just no way around it!
The best way to achieve this, is with Tweak, because you have the opportunity to customize your level of quality and compression before you reduce your file size.
With three different options to choose from, you can perfect your compressed file to fit your available disc space and your quality needs.
Converting your files is no joke – often it's tedious, difficult and boring. At Tweak, we wanted to make this necessary task all the easier for you, by helping you to convert multiple files of different formats at the same time.
Convert Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents into PDF files within seconds!


Have you ever needed a straightforward PDF rotator? Well that's what Tweak PDF Manager is offering you.
Upload as many files as you want at a time, and click on the exact rotation you want for each individual file and click 'Download PDF' - no frills, no messing about, just simple rotations.

Adding Page Numbers and Watermarks

Adding page numbers and watermarking PDF files is nothing new to the world of PDF editing. So, Tweak PDF Manager knew we had to take it to the next level!
Giving you a whole new level of personalization, adding page numbers and watermarks to your PDF file with specific formatting is a whole new world.
When adding page numbers, you can edit the position, font size, typography and layout of your page numbers.
Watermarking with Tweak is no different. Take the page number features and add page layering, opacity and rotation, and you've got a recipe for success!

Give Tweak a Go!

If you want to call our bluff on any of the claims we have made about our incredible features, head to the Tweak homepage and try out our features for yourself!
Upload your PDF files and download the new and improved version in seconds!