The Best PDF Editor without Installation

Finding the right PDF editor tool for your needs can be an absolute priority when much of your day is spent reading PDF documents.

But how can you find the right PDF editor without installation or annoying downloads? Or a PDF tool that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to use?

Well, we might just have what you need right here, ready to save you disc space and money.

Read on to find out all of the useful benefits of Tweak PDF Manager – an entirely free PDF editor without installations!

Tweak PDF Manager

Tweak PDF Manager is a PDF editor with seven functioning tools – bringing everything you need right to your fingertips.

These seven free features are likely to make your life a whole load easier.

You can merge, split, compress, rotate, convert and add watermarks and page numbers to your PDF documents within seconds.

Tweak also has a very useful drag-and-drop feature, that is great from simply pulling your files from your desktop to edit online.

Of course, if you’d rather not use that feature, you can always click the center of the screen and upload your files manually. Or better still, you can upload straight from Dropbox.

Merge PDF

Merging your PDF files is a useful way of presenting a lot of separate information in one succinct document.

When you have uploaded two files, before merging, you have to chance to rotate your documents. After merging, your file will be ready within seconds.

Split PDF

Splitting PDF files is all about separating a number of pages – or just one – from the rest, which is great if you need to give someone direct information and they don’t need to pour through the whole document.

When your files are uploaded, you can choose to split by range or to simply extract all pages. If you want to split by range, you can enter your page number ranges as many times as you need.

Compress PDF

Compressing PDF files is easy with Tweak because you can choose between three different levels of compression:

Extreme compression: less quality, high compression.
Recommended compression: good quality, good compression.
Less compression: high quality, less compression.
Now, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality to compress your PDF files again.

Add Page Number & Watermarks to PDF

Adding page numbers and watermarks to your PDF files can really give them a polished appearance. With Tweak PDF Manager, you edit the location and typography of your watermarks and page numbers.

With page numbers, you can choose the style in which you write them and for watermarks, choose from a wide range of fonts.

Convert PDF

Converting other file formats to PDF files can be extremely beneficial. Upload PowerPoint presentations, Microsoft Word or Excel files and images to Tweak, and convert straight to PDF files.

This will freeze your content, making it impossible to copy.

Rotate PDF

Rotating your PDF file is a simple yet necessary task. With Tweak, once your file is uploaded, you can choose from four different rotation angles.

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