Tweak PDF Manager

Every PDF tool you'll ever need, made easy

Tweak PDF Manager brings every tool you need for PDF editing right to your fingertips. Built for simplicity and designed for everyone, Tweak PDF Manager gives you the chance to alter and create PDF documents with ease. Not only that – it's free!
This tool offers seven different features for PDF editing that are guaranteed to make your life a whole load easier.
If you want to merge, split, compress, rotate or convert your file, Tweak PDF Manager has you covered. Along with this, you can also add both page numbers and watermarks to your documents.
Also available is Tweak PDF Manager’s handy drag-and-drop feature. This helps you to simply drag your files you want to edit straight from your desktop, to the center of your screen, saving you time on your uploads.
Tweak PDF Manager also gives users the option to upload their files directly from Dropbox. This helps you avoid any of the unnecessary hiccups when selecting the right files.
Here, we're to talk you through each of the fantastic features Tweak has on offer for PDF perfection!

Merge Your PDF Files

Tweak PDF Manager helps you to merge two or more PDF files easily, by simply dragging your files into the center of the screen. You will then have the opportunity to change the rotation of your files.
You will be immediately asked to click the 'merge PDF' button.
As simple as it sounds, your files will be merged and ready for you to download in seconds.

Split Your PDF Files

Along with merging your PDF files, you can also split them just as fast. This is where Tweak PDF Manager allows you to make all of the important decisions about the type of PDF seperation you want.
Once you've uploaded your files, you can choose between extracting all pages or splitting by range of page numbers.
Regardless of what you choose, your split files will be ready for download in no time at all!

Compress PDF Files

Compressing PDF Files is very useful to reduce the size of your file and to make it easier to send via email or upload online.
Tweak PDF Manager helps you to not only compress your file, but also to choose between the different levels of compression and quality.
We never want you to sacrifice on quality when compressing your PDF files and with Tweak PDF Manager, you never have to.

Convert PDF Files

Our tool understands how hard it can be to find a PDF converter that will help you to transform a variety of document types into PDF files. Because of this, we strive to put everything in one place for our users.
So, if you have Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents or even an image you can convert the documents into PDF files quickly and easily!

Rotate PDF Files

Often rotating PDF files can be a challenge because you might want to try out an angle before it’s final. With Tweak PDF Manager as fast as you compressed or split your files, you can also rotate your PDF files to four different angles.
By uploading your files and clicking a single button, your newly rotated PDF will be available to download.

Add Watermark to PDF Files

Adding a watermark to your PDF files makes sure that your information is yours. Just like a stamp, a watermark can tell people who the document belongs to.
With Tweak PDF Manager, you can personalize your watermark. When you upload your file, you can choose the typography, font size, rotation, page layering and position of your watermark – making sure that your file looks exactly as you'd like.

Add Page Numbers to PDF files

Page numbering is very important for the organization of a document, but because PDF files are not typically made to be edited, it used to be difficult to add page numbers.
Now, when you are using Tweak PDF Manager, you can use the editing tools to help you design your ideal page numbers. You can edit the page number positions, which pages you would like to be numbered and the format of the page numbers you are adding.

Reasons Why Tweak PDF Manager is the PDF Manager for You

Tweak PDF Manager...
  • Tweak PDF Manager is an online service for PDF management that offers a suite of features, designed to equip users with tools necessary to edit and prepare PDF documents.
  • It has powerful tools with step-by-step guidelines to help you get the most out of the service.
  • It has an accessible home page which makes it very easy to use.
  • Tweak supports the creation of high quality PDF files from other file formats.
  • You do not need to install any applications into your desktop, saving you disc space.
  • Tweak PDF Manager enables users to create and manage watermarks for the PDF files to their own specifications.
  • Our tool is entirely free and comprehensive.
  • This PDF Manager is valuable for people who regularly operate with PDF files as a cost-saving tool.
  • It maintains organizational workflow while being paperless.
  • It offers expanded font choices, merging and positioning preferences.
  • It enables you to add multiple PDF files with a simple drag-and-drop action.
  • All actions are no more than three simple steps.