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One of the most common reasons people need a good, reliable PDF editor is for merging PDF files.

Sometimes organizations with multiple team members submitting a single document might need to merge their files together. Or often researchers and people working with data analysis will need to use combined, archived files to search for a particular topic.

Whatever the reason, joining PDF files can be a very handy skill to learn!

Tweak PDF Manager helps you to combine PDF files into a single document ready for download by using their free, online PDF Editor. Working straight from your web browser, your files will be merged without any of the usual hassles of downloading new software.

Read on to find out how Tweak PDF Manager is the easiest to use PDF merger on the internet!

Upload to Use Tweak PDF Manager's PDF Merger

In order to use Tweak PDF Manager's easy PDF Merger, you will need to upload the PDF files you would like to merge into one easy-to-use document.

From the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, you can click on the 'Merge PDF' button and choose which files you would like to merge.

PDF Merger

There are three ways in which you can upload your PDF files for merging.

You can use the webpage's drag-and-drop feature and simply drag your documents into the center of your screen in one go, or you can click on the PDF page icon in the center of the page and upload your files by searching your computer's documents.

Lastly, you can upload your files straight from Dropbox if you want to save time!

PDF Merger

Once your documents are uploaded they will appear in the center of your screen. In addition to merging your PDF files, you can hover your mouse over each document in turn.

PDF Merger

In the right-hand corner of the document you will see a curved arrow icon, allowing you the option of rotating your files before you merge!

Download Your Combined PDF Files

Once your files have been uploaded and rotated if you wished, there is only one last step to take before you can download your merged PDF files.

Click 'Merge PDF' at the bottom of the page and your files will be combined straight away. Depending on the type of computer and internet browser you are using, your freshly merged files may download straight away.

If not, you can always select the 'Download PDF' button in the center of the page and your document should begin downloading into the bottom left-hand corner of your webpage.

Almost as fast as you began, your job is done and you have all of your PDF files merged safely into one file!

PDF Merger

Extra PDF Editing Tools

Tweak PDF Manager offers quite a few different PDF editing tools, outside merging PDF files!

If you're newly merged PDF files needs some more editing, return to the Tweak PDF Manager homepage to find many extra tools!

For free, you can split, compress, convert, rotate and add page numbers and watermarks to your PDF documents. Whatever your PDF editing needs, Tweak PDF Manager is here to help!

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