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Watermarking your PDF files is a really useful way of making sure that your documents are secure. If you add a watermark over or behind the content of your PDF file that is already there, people who read your PDF won't have any doubts about who owns the content.

Watermarks are also a really handy way making sure that your PDF document is hard to miss. A watermark shows how the PDF should be categorized.

It's no secret that finding a software to add watermarks to your documents that is quick and easy-to-use can be a challenge. That's why we've developed Tweak PDF Manager.

Tweak PDF Manager is a free, online software that helps you to add watermarks to your PDF documents, and offers you the chance to customize your watermark.

Keep reading to find out how to add a watermark to your PDF document with this free PDF watermark creator.

Tweak’s Free PDF Watermark Creator

Tweak PDF Manager knows that, nowadays, personalization is key. That's why Tweak's PDF watermark creator helps you to create a watermark that will match the content of your PDF file.

Once you've found the Tweak PDF Manager, you can click on the 'Add watermark' button to begin.

PDF Watermark Creator

Now, it's time to select the PDF files you want to add a watermark to. You can do this my using Tweak PDF Manager's drag-and-drop feature and dragging your files into the center of the screen.

PDF Watermark Creator

If you want, you can still upload your files manually by clicking on the PDF page icon or you can upload straight from Dropbox.

Once you've done that, your files will upload within a couple of seconds!

PDF Watermark Creator

Customizing Your PDF Watermark

Tweak PDF Manager has many choices for you to customize your PDF files’ watermark, giving you the opportunity of individuality!

The first choice you can make is about the type of watermark you want to add – an image or text.

If you want to add a text-based watermark, then you can choose the typography, font size and you can write the text into the available box.

PDF Watermark Creator

If you'd rather use an image as a watermark, you can select the 'upload image' button and search your computer files to upload the image you want!

No matter if you are adding an image or a text-based watermark, you can then choose how transparent you'd like your watermark by moving the 'opacity' dial and if you’d like to have the watermark over or below the PDF content.

PDF Watermark Creator

Then all that's left is choosing where on the page you would like your watermark to be, the pages you would like to watermark and the watermark rotation.

PDF Watermark Creator

The final step is selecting 'Add watermark' at the bottom of your screen.

It’s just that easy, now you've customized your own watermark!

Downloading Your Watermarked PDF

Depending on your Internet browser your newly watermarked PDF might download automatically.

If not, you can simply click 'Download PDF' and your file will download into the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

PDF Watermark Creator

If you find that you need any other PDF editing tools, you can also go back to the Tweak PDF Manager home page and select the editing tool you require!

Tweak PDF Manager helps you to compress, merge, split, convert, rotate and add page numbers to your PDF documents, giving your document the look you wanted!

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