More than just Digital Asset Management

Tweak is built for fast-growing organizations who are demanding and detail orientated - just like ourselves. Digital asset management is a broadly used term ranging from SMB applications to full-enterprise, where we are positioned. Every feature is focused on our key mission - enabling brands to enable real-time marketing.

Brand Templates
Search & Filtration

high productivity

Achieving productivity benefits with Tweak starts with the basic structure - creating a metadata structure that makes sense for the brand. The next step comes with curating digital assets into Collections, which can be shared to selected audiences.

Assets are never duplicated. The same assets can appear in multiple Collections with different user rights. Users will only ever see the assets that have been shared to them.

Collections are private to brand stakeholders or made public, accessible by anybody, with a password. Brand owners can enable public or private Collections with time-release and withdrawal.

The key point is that any change made to a Collection by the brand owner is immediately reflected in what users see.

Bulk Asset


The ability to drag over or select a set of assets and perform an action on them enables users to become Power Users in Tweak. Metadata, transformation, and other actions are possible using this powerful tool.



Tweak facilitates the creation of 'one source of truth' for product imagery used by eCommerce brands using its Shopify Connector. Product feeds can be organized and connected directly from within Shopify.



Licensees of Nielsen's Brandbank FMCG imagery can synchronize their Brandbank imagery with Tweak to facilitate easier access and search of this resource. Imagery and product data are updated daily, ready to drop into campaigns or connect to eCommerce websites.



Users can save crops for popular social media, digital ads, and custom sizes. This automation feature saves a significant amount of skilled work in Adobe Photoshop.

Image Background


Removal of backgrounds (cutouts) to create transparent or white backgrounds has long been an ideal for product marketers seeking a high-impact visual solution. Tweak facilitates background removal in a single click, with the option of replacing the current version of the image.

Social Sharing 

& Scheduling

Setting up social media assets and scheduling posts directly from Tweak cuts out lots of wasted time. It ensures that social managers can manage campaigns directly from their Tweak brand dashboard.


Color Correction

Images that require a color boost, warm-up, or need a cast removed can be fixed in a single click using Tweak's Smart Color artificial intelligence solution. No need to delay the campaign by waiting for a Photoshop retouch.



Tweak is integrated with the tools your creative team use, so it's easy to keep in sync with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop. Files can be opened directly from the Adobe applications and saved back to create new originals.

Google & Microsoft

Log into Tweak through Microsoft or Google applications to search for and find the assets you need - placing images, videos, logos, and more directly into Word, Powerpoint, Google Docs or on video calls.



Images and videos can be embedded so that they can be placed online and will reflect changes you've made to the assets in Tweak on-the-fly.


Release & Expiry

Set time release and expire for assets that are subject to license or other legal restriction, and they'll appear and disappear from shared Collections according to your settings.



Assets can be shared to users outside your organization via a Public Collection or with a link download. Brand owners can enforce passwords and time-release and withdrawal if required.


Images can be resized instantly to a set 'longest side' measurement and pixel depth, avoiding the need to use an application like Adobe Photoshop.



Users can convert conversions to a choice of image formats, including PNG, JPEG (at elected compression level), or for the fastest web performance, to WebP.

Color profile


When downloading or transforming images, it's possible to select a specific ICC color profile as the color space. This color profile will also be embedded in the transformed images.


Images may be watermarked using your brand logo at the desired level of opacity when downloading.


Tweak detects when duplicate assets have been uploaded and present the option of replacing the current version or adding a new one. Earlier versions of assets are retained within the asset record and can be retrieved where required.


Tweak's API services are available to users for customization and integrations. OAuth allows the users of third party apps to log in using Tweak's APIs. Together with Auth0 and Zapier this integrates the automation functions with Tweak and other services.

User Interface

Tweak's interface is multilingual and can be set by users to their local language.

Data Logging
& Insights

Every action taken within Tweak is logged for transparency and security. User logs can be interrogated by Super Users on a live basis.


Every asset can be commented on with the option for responses. Users flagged in comments receive notifications on their brand dashboard.


Tweak users get the option to allow their users to securely share files, in parallel with asset management. This replaces risky sharing with enterprise-level security and full transparency.


Smart Cropping is an artificial intelligence-driven feature that allows cropping of images in various shapes in advance. When users wish to share the Smart Cropped images for inclusion in customizable designs, the images are automatically cropped using the stored crop information and avoiding poor crops by inexperienced users.



& Smart Data

Marketers are challenged by the demand for more frequent campaigns executed in shorter timeframes, reacting to competitors, opportunities, and events. Campaigns that currently cost days can be reduced to an hour, empowering your brand to respond faster than any competitor. It takes just seconds to create new versions of your existing brand design.

Brand Templates is an easy-to-use online drag and drop platform which doesn’t need design skills or specialized software. Omni channel output from the same content ramps up productivity - Print, Digital, Social, Screen Presentations & Flipbooks with eCommerce buy-buttons are supported. Connect to live pricing and imagery to create content, giving you the latest deadline and up-to-the-minute marketing.

Adobe InDesign 


Brand designs can be uploaded directly to Tweak in Adobe InDesign format. This means your creative team can continue to use the tools they're familiar with for original creative work. Others in your team, without creative or technical skills, can customize these documents within brand permissions.



Uploaded InDesign files become your Brand Templates. Enjoy granular control over which elements can be edited or moved, ensuring that the output created is always on-brand. Approval workflows can be added, which prevents downloads until the changes are approved.


The risk of users creating PDFs with incorrect pre-press or color settings is removed with pre-press profiles, which can be matched with the template, hiding the complexity of pre-press choices from users. PDF standard, color profiles, bleed, and page configuration can be controlled in detail.

Product Feed

Tweak integrates your design templates, image library & live product pricing and data to ensure error-free content for print & digital. Images and text are formatted to pre-determined styles on the fly, removing the time spent on the painstaking task of image fitting and type styling.


Type & Logic

Advanced conditional logic and typographic styling empower the automation of 'house styles' regarding pricing and product data when using Smart Data. These powerful commands further reduce the time required to produce complex typographic tasks.



Variable Resolution PNGs, JPEG, and color-managed Print Ready PDFs can be selected as output formats with granular control over pre-press specifications to optimize color fidelity.

FlipBooks with

Buy Buttons

Output designed for print can easily be outputted as FlipBooks with 'buy buttons' to power email or digital campaigns. Using live pricing with Smart Data, users can create flipBooks in minutes.


Rolling presentations for large format digital screens can be created directly from your templates, originated from Adobe InDesign's brand design.


Tweak offers two versions of its customization editor - its dynamic editor, which users can configure to provide a high degree of customization and control, right down to simple text and image editing. Smart Editor is a more straightforward drag & drop customization experience, designed for users who won't need to make design changes - just dragging and dropping of product feeds onto the page. Tweak automated formatting takes care of everything else.

Share Customized

There are many circumstances where collateral created needs to be instantly shared with a wider audience. Output produced in Tweak's Brand Templates can be exported directly to Collections for sharing and download by other team members.

Search &


Search and filtration are two ways of finding assets you need in Tweak. Filtration allows you, without specifying keywords, to filter all of your assets very quickly using the metadata you've added. For example, you may want to see all of your assets that relate to a particular department, which are royalty-free photos and which have a three star rating. You'll instantly see every asset which meets this criteria. Search allows you to target with more precision when you're looking to find something specific, by adding keywords. In search you've also got the option of boolean operators, AND, OR, NOT to drill down in more detail. With both methods, you can save the search criteria to use in the future.


The standard text search searches within the fields in assets.

  • Title
  • Filename
  • Description
  • Copyright Notice
  • Author
  • Tags
  • Category
  • Copyright


Advanced search allows you to specifically search within the following additional metadata types with the option of adding multiple queries to the same search, using every available metadata source as well as Boolean operators.

Repeated searches can be saved for re-use, especially useful when multiple filters are in use. Searches can also be targeted to find text within documents.



Smart Collections use artificial intelligence to collect assets with a custom set of criteria, i.e., images with 3 stars rating, in the Category 'On Promotion'. Those images will automatically appear in the Smart Collection you've created. As new assets fit the criteria, they become visible to anyone with access to the Smart Collection.


The customizable Filter panel is a fast way of finding assets. Regularly used filtration sets can be saved for re-use to save time.
Filtration opens include Label, File Type, Collection, Tags, Rating, Favourite, Custom Metadata Fields, Category, and Copyright Status.


At the heart of Tweak is our mission to empower marketers to work in real-time. To achieve this means that the platform we've built needs to be customized to a very high degree to meet sophisticated users' needs, each of which is very different. From critical decisions about the use of metadata right through to granular permissions and notifications, we've built our software to allow our users to make it their own. The features outlined here give an outline of some of the available customization options in Tweak.


The customizable Brand Dashboard can be customized with brand colors, image, logo and headline. Users can create shortcuts to gain fast access to filtration tools including Collections, Labels, Star Ratings, Favorites and Tags.
These shortcuts can be selected to appear on the brand on the brand dashboard;


The account owner can set high-level permissions at a brand level to set the 'rules of the game' for your users. We'll guide you along the way in making the best decisions for your brand - and of course, you can change these settings in an instant at any time.


Notifications are available for pretty much every action in Tweak, and there are very granular ways to control these to ensure that your team is fully informed. Notification options are available in the Brand Dashboard or by instant or digest based emails.


Login Page

There's a choice of customizable layouts for the Tweak login page, which their teams will use. This page can include brand logo & imagery, brand colors, and text.

Custom Collection 


Collection Headers may be customized with a header image or brand color with a descriptive headline. Time-release options also appear on the brand header.

Public Collection 

Login Page

Brands owners can choose layouts for Public Collection login pages. There's an option to include Username and Password and include brand imagery, brand colors, and text.

Labels, Favourites,

Star Ratings

There are choices available for how Labels, Favourites & Star Ratings are used. Super Users select who can set and see these powerful search options.

What is


While you might use folders to keep your digital assets organized on your computer or shared drive, this is not the best way to organize assets using a sophisticated digital asset management tool like Tweak.

Instead, we use Metadata, which uses words, numbers, or data connected with each asset, which is the fastest way possible to ensure you'll find what you need in seconds.

Metadata is the information stored by Tweak, which allows assets to be found quickly by users. Metadata can come in categories or product tiers or seasons, or any other criteria that matter in your business.
Assets can be quickly searched or filtered by particular segments of metadata that have been added.

Some metadata is automatically available within assets and is captured by Tweak - file size, type (i.e., JPEG), and document creation data. Other metadata can be added by single images or in bulk to filter and search assets easily.

If your assets (particularly images) have embedded information, like copyright or caption details, that is imported on the fly when Tweak ingests your assets.



Tweak allows you to add metadata to facilitate the easy filtration of your assets in a way that suits your business. This helps you easily train your colleagues to search for and find assets using terms they use every day.

Ensuring that Metadata is consistent is vital to ensure that users have a good experience every time they use Tweak. More importantly, it gives them back the time they wasted when using an out-dated storage system.


Tweak has built multiple ways of creating and delivering metadata to ensure that we can cope with different industries and client needs. We suggest that you study the various options and only use what you need to ensure that your users can find what they need in seconds.

You can add another method if you need it later. Our customer support team are here to help you decide what's best for your brand.



Tweak extracts valuable data embedded in your files during the upload process. The data extracted includes Title & Caption from imagery and original capture information like creation date and time. You can use this information for organizing and searching assets in Tweak.


Users can add tags to assets individually or in bulk. Commonly used tags are suggested, and artificial intelligence tags will suggest tags based on reading the subject matter of imagery.


Tweak allows users to manage which words users can use to tag assets so that everyone in your business can find files in the everyday terms for your business.

To create structure around the creation of tags so that regardless of who uploads assets, they are tagged consistently, so that users are certain of relevant search results.



Related tags allow Super Users to create relational databases based on the choice of keyword headings. So, if a user chooses the Heading 'Ladies' in a Fashion Store, it will automatically suggest brands that are available in that department and colors available in those brands. This process creates more accurate asset tagging and better search results.


Tweak permits custom fields to be created to capture important Metadata for fast filtration and search. By creating a custom field, it's possible to search that exact data precisely with an important piece of data like a product SKU or part number.
Custom fields can be set up using date and time, text, numbers, true/false or a dropdown list.