Connect to more than just
your data

Our vision for Tweak is at the centre of your marketing environment, where you’ve already built experience and are comfortable with a set of tools to run your marketing. Tweak works with an ever growing list of standard marketing applications and can be adapted to work with other technologies using our Open APIs.

Adobe Creative

Log into Tweak and edit and save assets from Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, ensuring proper version management using Tweak’s version control tools. Assets are locked during editing to avoid errors.

Customise Adobe
Indesign online

Upload your Adobe InDesign files and set editing permissions in minutes. Make your Collections of images, logos and other digital imagery available for drag and drop editing into your designs.

with data

Connect your product data and photography to your designs using .CSV files or Google sheets. Custom integrations are possible using APIs or other connectivity tools.



Log into Tweak through Microsoft applications to search for and find the assets you need - placing images, videos, logos and more directly into Word, Powerpoint - or to share a file during a Teams call.


Log into Tweak to access your brand assets while you’re working in Gmail, Google Docs, Slides and others.



Use and curate your licensed Nielsen Brandbank content from within Tweak. Imagery and information is updated daily with ready to go imagery with backgrounds removed ready to drop into your latest campaign or connect to your eCommerce website.


This authentication service allows the users of third party apps to log in using Tweak and to use Tweak’s APIs. Using OAuth and Zapier empowers the creation of custom automation functions with Tweak and other services.


Tweak’s API services are available to users for customisation and integration with other services.