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Have you ever used a PNG image when talking to a friend or co-worker, and realized that they couldn't even see it because of the device they were on? If so, you're not alone!

To make life easier, the PDF file is used by many to view PNG images. Lucky for us, the PDF file is now pretty much a universal file type, so your PNG images when converted, can be viewed on nearly all electronic devices.

In addition, PDF files are the safest way to view PNG images nowadays and can be made even safer by certain online editing tools.

Some people add password protection to their PDF files now meaning that their images cannot be shared. For someone looking to protect their PNG images, PDF files are an ideal medium!

PDF files are also of a richer format, meaning that when opened, the picture quality of a PDF is better than a PNG. While PNG images can have a reasonable quality for smaller images, PDF files are ideal for images with text on them, or for resizing!

With Tweak, we make it easier for you with our PDF Manager and converter, that will convert PNG to PDF files in no time at all!

How to Convert PNG to PDF with Tweak

In this day and age, time is precious – which is why we've wrapped up our easy to use PNG converter into a few simple steps for you to follow.

At the Tweak PDF Manager homepage, be sure to click on the 'Convert' button.

Convert PNG to PDF

Next step is for you to upload your PNG images. You can drag and drop your files into the center of the circle icon or click on the icon itself to upload them manually. You can also upload your files straight from Dropbox, if you'd prefer.

Convert PNG to PDF

Once you've uploaded your files, they will appear on the screen in front of you. From here you can choose which rotation you'd prefer. The choice is yours!

If you feel happy with the choices you've made you can always click the 'Convert to PDF' button and watch as your PDF becomes available to download.

Convert PNG to PDF Convert PNG to PDF

Faster than you could have imagined, you have your converted PNG images as one, easy to view, PDf file.

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