Commercial Real Estate Marketing with Automated Design

When it comes to commercial real estate, marketing is key – especially within your local property market. Having a regular marketing plan and campaign can really help to spread the message of your quality service.

Sometimes, marketing can be both tiresome and tedious. Market growth can sometimes be slow and most agents can struggle to have the perseverance to keep going with their marketing campaign.

That’s where marketing automation aims to streamline the entire process. Commercial real estate marketing with automated design aims to speed up the marketing process and increase the number of listings any agency or brokerage obtains. After all, if you boost the number of people who receive your quality message, you are 

Attract New Listings with Marketing Automation

The main ideal of marketing automation is to streamline your marketing process in any way possible, not strictly software.

So here are a few different ways for you to speed-up your marketing process automation.

Run a Blog

Often on brokerage or agency websites all you see is the property listings, and some brief biographies of the agents available.

But that’s not what you’re limited too.

If you utilize your expertise for the best and offer your information for free through a blog or a linked YouTube channel on your website, then can encourage people to talk about your business and what you have to offer.

Offer informational, educational knowledge for free and owners and investors will be attracted to what you have to offer should you represent them.

Invest in CRM

Having a useful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can make all of the difference in how you treat your clients – and help you attract new ones.

Acquaint is a CRM solution that caters for sales, lettings and management in one easy package. Be connected, at all times.

With exceptional customer service, you will gain new clients consistently.

Invest in Quality Design

All exclusive listings should feature in some form of marketing materials. Coupled with high quality photos of the properties, you can invest in an automation system that will give you excellently made marketing materials.

Tweak Cloud couples as a marketing automation system with thousands of real estate marketing materials available to be edited, created and printed with Adobe InDesign – from any web browser.

With Tweak Cloud your agents can also have round the clock access to your brand’s material. As your team leader, you can design who gets to edit which features of your marketing materials – protecting your brand assets.

Below we have listed some of the examples of the real estate templates that you can have access to if you sign up for Tweak Cloud.

For more information and a free demo, check out our homepage and boost your commercial real estate marketing prospects.