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Nowadays, no one has time to wait for hours for PDF files to download from an email or upload to your web browser. In fact, a lot of the download time of large PDF files is unnecessary – which is why compressing your file size into a space-conscious format is so handy!

With Tweak PDF Manager, you can reduce PDF size pretty easily, and for free. Because Tweak PDF Manager is from a web browser, you don't have to download any nasty applications to your desktop, saving you tons of disc space.

Keep reading to find out just how easy reducing your PDF size can be!

Reduce PDF Size and Maintain Quality

Tweak PDF Manager knows that for our users quality is extremely important. That's why when you choose to compress PDF files with Tweak PDF Manager, you can choose both your level of compression and quality.

When you arrive at the Tweak PDF Manager home page, you can reduce PDF size by selecting 'Compress PDF File'.

Reduce PDF size

From here, you can use the drag-and-drop feature to drag your PDF files you would like to compress or reduce into the center of the page, over the PDF page icon. Once you let go of your mouse, your files should upload automatically!

Reduce PDF size

Now, you get the chance to choose just how compressed you would like your files! Tweak PDF Manager offers you three levels of compression.

  • Recommended Compression - this will give you an equal balance of quality and compression. With this choice, neither quality or compression is sacrificed.
  • Less Compression – With this choice your PDF file will not be that reduced, and the quality will remain very high.
  • Extreme Compression – this selection will reduce your file the most, with less quality.
Reduce PDF size Reduce PDF size

Once you're happy with your choice, you can then click the 'compress' button at the bottom of the page.

Within seconds, Tweak PDF Manager will have your reduced PDF file ready to download! Depending on your Internet browser, your compressed PDF file may download automatically.

If not, you can always select the 'Download PDF' button. With this, your file will download into the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Reduce PDF size

Now that you have successfully compressed your PDF file, whenever you want to send it by email or upload it elsewhere it should take half the time!

If you have any other PDF editing requests, you can return to the Tweak PDF Manager home page where you can also convert, split, merge and rotate your PDF files.

If you want to personalize your PDF files even more, you can always add page numbers and a watermark to your uploaded PDF.

Every step of the way will be outlined for you, making your PDF management as easy as possible!

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