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Provide your teams with the ability to customise in-store marketing material in a brand safe environment. Tweak is the perfect platform for managing your print, online and social material.

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Tweak offers a way to streamline your entire marketing process, while helping to empower store-level employees to craft their own material locally - without hurting the brand. With Tweak, your POS and other key marketing collateral can be managed, shared and edited easily in one place.
Quick changes to print and digital pieces doesn't need an expert - your designers can concentrate on new projects and strengthening the company's brand.

It's not good enough to just serve
the community, you have to be part of it.

Watch how Expert Hardware uses Tweak to save time and make money.

It's not good enough to just serve
the community, you have to be part of it.

Watch how Expert Hardware uses Tweak to save time and make money.

Maintain a brand-safe environment

We know brand protection matters. It’s time to stop worrying. Tweak allows you to lock-in key elements of your brand so that unauthorized users can’t alter them.

With custom approval settings, your in-store team can be given authorisation to safely make small changes without the help of a designer.

Empower your stores

Stop communication mayhem throughout your network. From top to bottom, you can eradicate the need for requests on product information. Give your entire network unfiltered, live access to your entire database of images, prices and product descriptions.


Your team can now independently edit your company’s marketing materials, easily and with the latest product information. Create custom promotions, helping to offload excess stock in no time!

Ensure accuracy

Stop worrying about putting the right product information in the right place. We connect to your database so populating designs is as easy as scanning a barcode. Your product information is always going to be spot-on, and so will your images.


You can save several hours per week, per store, with this feature alone.

Building a brand is like building house, the foundation has to be solid.

Use Tweak to guarantee a global standard

Reach your customers, wherever, whenever

Any time of day, you can get enticing ads and offers in front your customers with the touch of a button. We integrate directly into your new or existing social media accounts so in a matter of minutes, a custom design can be shared throughout your network.


Whether you want to share your latest coupon, a personalized offer or showcase your latest work, some offers just can’t wait.

Empower employees, increase sales

With your brand locked-in and our simple design interface, you can empower store employees to produce marketing material locally.

Whether stores have an overflow of certain products and want to create material to push sales, create a poster or organize an event, they can now do it themselves. Everyone gets to save time on back-and-forths.


Our Digital Asset Management platform allows you to find & share your assets, while controlling who you’re sharing them with, and what they can do with them.
Template Automation
Automatically link your designs to price lists, product imagery, your Nielsen Brandbank account and other sources of product data. Simply entering a barcode for for a product will automatically populate imagery and all required information on the page.
Granular editing
Set up custom editing permissions and control what parts of a document each team member can edit, based on their role and position.
Workflow management
Simplify communication between all the teams involved in asset production by controlling your workflow in one single place.
High resolution PDFs
Download any asset ready to be shared with the world in the form of a high-resolution PDF. You decide if it’s printed in store, by your local printer or whether it’s simply posted online.
Your designs - anywhere, anytime
You are not restricted to stock templates – upload your own brand designs and allow your team to securely edit anywhere, anytime.

"Tweak’s simplicity of use is critical for us. Just scan a barcode on an item - and instantly the image, the product description, and the live pricing appear straight on to a marketing template. We can create promotions in just a few clicks and then click print or share instantly to social media. This saves every one of our store owners two or three hours a week. Tweak saves our store owners 5,000 hours of valuable time every year, which gives us all a lot more time to concentrate on running our businesses."

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