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Have you ever had a document that's neat & tidy, but just doesn't have page numbers?

Or a great presentation that your co-worker produced, but can't be handed over to your boss without page numbers?

And of course, this always happens when the dreadful meeting is only 5 minutes away.

If that sounds familiar, look no further: we've got just what you need. A free, easy PDF editor to add page numbers to your pdf files.

Rotate PDF

Step One: Select Your PDF Files to Rotate

Before you can rotate your files, you need to select the PDF files you want to rotate. You can use Tweak PDF Manager’s drag and drop feature to help you to easily drop your files into the center of the webpage, over the PDF icon.

If you’d rather not use the drag and drop feature, you can always click the PDF icon. This allows you to manually upload your files to be rotated, by searching through your computer files.

Tweak PDF Manager also has the huge benefit of allowing you to link your files directly and upload from Dropbox. With this, you can upload easily to Tweak PDF Manager within seconds.

Rotate PDF

Step Two: Rotate PDF Files

Tweak PDF Manager’s rotation service is built to be easy to use. So, all you have to do, is simply click ‘rotate’, and your job is done! It’s just that easy and you have your PDF file rotated just as you like it.

Depending on your computer, a copy of your rotated PDF will download automatically. If not, you will be able to click to download your PDF.

Rotate PDF Rotate PDF

Other Services Offered by Tweak PDF Manager

Tweak PDF Manager has multiple, fantastic functions for PDF management, meaning that you don’t have to look anywhere else to do all of your PDF conversions and rotations!

Tweak PDF Manager offers all of your PDF needs at your fingertips. Here you can merge, split, compress and convert documents within minutes. Tweak also helps you put your own stamp on your PDF files, by helping you add watermarks and page numbers to your file.

Give Tweak PDF Manager's other services a go and you'll never need another PDF manager!

Rotate PDF
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