What is Sales Engagement Software?

What is Sales Engagement & Sales Engagement Software?

Sales engagement can easily be explained as the interactions that take place between customer and seller. This engagement can be aided through sales engagement software and can strive to improve prospects with customers and sales.

By knowing how your customers interact or engage with your buying process, you can streamline and improve this process.

However, a lot of people may be under the impression that sales engagement software is the same as a CRM system. Or perhaps, they believe that sales enablement is the same as sales engagement. We’re here to talk you through everything you need to know for sales engagement.

Keep reading to find out more about sales engagement and the software that is available for your business to support your sales representatives.

Sales Enablement and Sales Engagement: The Difference

Without going into too much detail, sales enablement and sales engagement interact with each other, but differ. Both have great value, but for different reasons.

Sales enablement is a means of making sure that a business’s sales representatives have access to the appropriate tools, training, skills and software to streamline workflow.

So, when it comes to sales enablement software, there are many different types. These include CRM systems. CRM software integrates a lot of customer information together to streamline a sales representative’s daily processes.

Software such as CRM can enable sales teams to work better.

Sale engagement is different, as sales engagement is a means of aiding sales representatives to communicate effectively with prospects and customers. Ultimately, sales engagement tends to bring marketing automation together with systems that manage customer relationships with sellers.

Available Sales Engagement Software

Whilst previously said, sales engagement software is not a CRM system, though it does unite with it through marketing. By aiming to reach a larger number of customers through marketing automation, the right sales engagement solution can monitor the engagement of those customers with the buying process.

Some sample solutions and software include:

SalesHandy –

SalesHandy is a sales engagement tool that helps to increase the productivity of a sales team. This is achievement by selling more effectively by gaining actionable insights about your prospects activities and sales material.

GetResponse –

GetResponse is a sales automation tool that includes useful tools like email marketing, autoresponders, email templates and forms. This includes a responsive email design that aids communication with clients and customers.

Agile –

Agile is a sales engagement platform that functions as a CRM with appointment scheduling, Real Time Alerts. Every feature is designed around having a happy and satisfied customer at the end of your buying interaction.

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