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Whether you want to extract certain pages to keep from your PDF document or split your own file into smaller, individual files, finding a handy PDF splitter can make your life so much easier!

Reducing your frustrations within a matter of minutes, Tweak PDF Manager will help you to separate PDF pages.

Our tool will help you to split your PDF documents quickly and easily. Working from a web browser, Tweak PDF Manager saves you the hassle of downloading an application to your web browser and strives to save you both time and money.

Keep reading to find out how to split PDF pages within seconds, for free!

Separate PDF Pages by Range or Extraction

Tweak PDF Manager understands that you need to have your PDF documents looking exactly as you want them. Because of this, we offer you the choice of splitting your PDF pages by range or extracting all pages into individual PDF files for download.

Once you arrive at the homepage for the Tweak PDF Manager, you can select the 'Split PDF' button. The next step for you to take is to upload your files by using the drag-and-drop feature.

Separate PDF Pages

Using this, you can drag your files straight from your desktop into the center of your page. Once you've done that, your files will upload straight away!

You can, of course, upload your documents manually by selecting the PDF page icon or upload straight from Dropbox – saving you both time and effort.

Separate PDF Pages

Tweak PDF Manager strives to keep everything as fast as possible, so your PDF files should be uploaded and ready to split within seconds!

Now, the choice is yours as to whether you would like to split your files by range or extract all pages.

If you'd prefer to split your PDF pages by range, you can input the page numbers of the range that you would like to separate. You can also add a range, if you want.

If you select to extract all of the pages of your PDF file, an individual PDF file will be created for each page.

Once you're happy with your choices, you can simply click 'split' and you should be ready to download!

Separate PDF Pages

Downloading Your Separate PDF Pages

Depending on the Internet browser you are using, your PDF file may automatically download for you. If not, you can simply click the handy 'Download PDF' button.

Once you've selected to download your files, they should begin to download into the bottom left-hand corner of your screen!

Separate PDF Pages

And just like that, you have split your PDF file to fit your needs!

Even More PDF Editing Tools!

If you find that you need more PDF editing tools, you can always return to the Tweak PDF Manager home page! There you will find that you can compress, convert, merge, and rotate your PDF files.

Along with this you can also customize your PDF files further to suit your needs by adding both page numbers and watermarks.

No matter what you need from your PDF, Tweak PDF Manager will help you achieve your goals!

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