Use Cases for Franchises

Unprecedented Control, Scale & Speed for Franchise Marketing

Empower your franchisees to create on-brand flyers, point of sale and digital marketing quickly with Tweak's intuitive, cloud-based platform,

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Franchises are as strong as the weakest link in their brand. Consistency of experience is paramount to ensuring that the reputation is of the highest standard in all locations. With the assurance that only current campaigns are used, master franchisees can be sure that marketing is being executed as planned. Local franchisees can respond instantly to create campaigns that will generate business in their market. 

By having oversight and setting brand permissions and approvals, master franchisors get valuable insights into their partners' marketing activities as well as insights into the highest performing marketing assets.

Made for Franchises

Brand Compliant

Tweak gives you centralized control over access to brand content while providing custom locking or approval permissions for different teams. Stakeholders are empowered, removing the risk of errors.

Reduce Costs

Tweak lowers your artwork production costs for print and digital while reducing the time needed to create marketing content by up to 90%.

Works with Adobe

Tweak integrates with existing software, making set-up and onboarding easy for both technically-minded and frontline teams. Creatives will still use Adobe apps, while other users will use Tweak only.

Automating manual tasks

Copying and pasting precise details of product information and imagery to marketing collateral is error-prone. By integrating your source product pricing, features, and descriptions, this risk is eliminated.

Collaboration Workflow

Back and forward emails, screen shares, and phone calls to clarify amendments are at the root of the problem Tweak solves. Franchisees enjoy access to download, share, and customize content, making life much more straightforward.

Empowering Teams

Tweak helps scale operations by maintaining a global image for the franchise brand while empowering local teams to tailor marketing for their needs, adapting content for their markets.

Omni Channel

Tweak's output includes PNG & JPEG for digital and Print Ready PDFs with custom pre-press controls preferences that eliminate risks of errors.

Remote working

Central and remote team members use Tweak in different time zones or across town, empowering remote working. Approvals and custom permissions facilitate real-time collaboration.

Local versioning

Where permitted franchisees can change copy and imagery to ensure that marketing collateral is appropriate in their market - while locking critical brand elements. Templates may be set to require approval by marketing on the Tweak dashboard.

Optimizing Time

Tweak optimizes time by simplifying the way marketing content is created and managed, automating repetitive tasks that don't require technical or creative skills.

React Faster

Tweak helps franchises respond to market events as they happen, never missing out on an opportunity to increase sales, whether adapting to the weather, local events, or other opportunities.

Easy to use

Tweak can easily be used not just by franchise marketers, but their team too. Users download and customize brand materials for print and digital on a self-service basis from the cloud platform, with approval if required.

Organized Assets

Collections, tags, and user permissions make it easier to organize your editable design templates and digital brand assets easily. This structure and intuitive filtering ensure that users find what they need quickly.

Sharing Securely

Choose for public or private sharing of your assets, setting expiry times, and dates for assets to appear and expire. These choices ensure the safety of your brand assets and information.

20 Minute Onboarding

Tweak's end-user interface is so intuitive that users are self-sufficient after a 20-minute onboarding. Constant support from our award-winning team eliminates adoption concerns.

Integration Friendly

Tweak is built as a suite of API first applications, offering the flexibility to integrate with multiple inputs, outputs, and diverse technologies. Our team provides deep technical support where required.

PrePress Automated

Incorrect pre-press settings for bleed, color profiles, and resolution are renowned causes of delayed or sub-standard print marketing. With Tweak, they're built into your templates to avoid errors.

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The result is lower costs and faster production, empowering local teams to create, edit, and improvise on the go without compromising brand guidelines.

With easy set-up and onboarding, Tweak is the ultimate business tool to scale operations and stay ahead in a hyper-competitive, agile marketplace.

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