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PDFs are great, but they have one, very big disadvantage: they are not meant to be edited.

This means that you'll always need to use an external tool to merge or split pdf files. You can't do it with Word - or your usual text editing software.

However, there are tons of options online, including our very own Tweak PDF Manager, designed to help you split PDF Files within seconds - for free and without watermarks.

Step One: Split PDF Files

Once you’ve arrived at the Tweak PDF Manager home page, select the ‘split’ option. Here you will have the opportunity to select which PDF documents you would like split.

You can either use the easy drag-and-drop feature by pulling your desired files in straight from your computer, across the web browser, or you can simply click on the PDF icon and search for your file manually.

Tweak PDF Manager also has the useful feature of allowing you to upload files to be split straight from Dropbox, saving you time.

Split PDF Split PDF

Step Two: Selecting a Splitting Range

Once your correct file has been uploaded, the next step is to select the range.

The range simply refers to the area of the document which you would like split from the rest. Simply enter the pages range which you would like split and click the ‘split’ button.

You can choose between two types of splitting range. Firstly, you can choose 'split by range'. This allows you to enter the range of pages you would like split from the rest, by typing in the page numbers.

Another way of splitting your PDF document is by extracting all pages. By moving the middle button to either side, you can change your settings easily.

Split PDF

Step Three: Download Your PDF Files

The next step is to simply wait. You will be informed when the splitting is over and be given the chance to download your file as a zip file.

Depending on your browser, your PDF files will download automatically. If not, you can always click the 'Download PDF' button and your files will download automatically into the bottom left-hand corner of your screen!

And you're ready to go!

Split PDF

Tweak PDF Manager, Other Services

Tweak doesn't just allow you to split your PDF files - there is so much more you can do with your PDF files!

One of the most popular features, is the conversion of other forms of documents into PDF files. These include Word documents, images, and more.

Here at Tweak our aim is to always find new ways to make your life easier with PDF management at your fingertips. Now, the PDF Manager does it all within moments, keeping in line with your busy days.

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