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What is Tweak and what can I do with it?

Tweak is a single online location for all your marketing assets. It allows online editing of your existing company designs uploaded to the Cloud and online editing of free templates provided by us, straight to your account. With Tweak you can also generate print-ready files and share them directly to social media. In short, Tweak is a Digital Asset Library where users can upload images, audios, videos and other files for sharing with users who can comment, edit and, when they’re satisfied, download.

I currently use a design agency for all my marketing; can I still use Tweak ?

Yes, with Tweak you, or your design agency can upload finished artwork and other assets directly to your Tweak account giving you 24/7 edit access to your designs. Afterwards, you can decide which users you share them with.

What if I have an internal designer – will the system benefit our current process?

Yes – your internal designer can create design projects and upload to your Tweak  account so you can make quick, simple edits moving forward without having to return to the designer to make every small change. This will allow your designer to become much more productive and concentrate on creating new designs and strengthening your brand instead of spending time making edits to existing designs. It also facilitates 24/7/365 access to your designs and assets.

How are design files uploaded into the Tweak?

Design files are uploaded via the Tweak Adobe InDesign plug-in. The Tweak Adobe InDesign plug-in has been created to allow the pre-press and upload of your InDesign files including fonts, images and all other design elements to the Tweak Cloud.

How will my colleagues access our design documents?

Team members can access documents from within their Tweak  account. The ‘Admin’ of the account can share design documents to a portal and add team members to each portal to access the designs.

Will we need to have the InDesign application to use this?

No – team members and all users of the Tweak application will only need a web browser to use the system.

Do I need any level of design experience to use Tweak?

No – Tweak is very easy to use. It is an intuitive system that allows non-designers to edit in a web browser.

Can I restrict what is edited?

Yes – during the upload process, you can set editing permissions and restrictions to define what you would like to be editable on the document.

Can I restrict what my team members can do in the system?

When you share a design, you can choose who can edit it, whether it needs admin approval and what file type the end user can generate (High Resolution PDF, Low Resolution Proof PDF, JPEG and Social Share).

Do I have to generate the PDFs for print?

There are three options:
1) You can generate the PDF after approving the design.
2) Your team member can generate the PDF if you allow them to when sharing.
3) You can add a print provider/local printer who can access approved designs when they are completed to reduce time spent on communication back and forth.

Where are my design files printed?

You can determine where your design files are printed, whether in-house or with your print partner. Tweak provides the print-ready file.

The Packages

How do I know which Tweak plan is right for me?

Tweak plans have been developed based on team members, portals, storage etc. These details can be found on our pricing page and there are plans to suit companies of all shapes and sizes.

Is there a limit to the amount of users I can have on my team?

Each package has a minimum user requirement. For example; if you are on the ‘Professional plan’ there needs to be a minimum of 5 users and with the ‘Enterprise Plan’ there needs to be a minimum of 10 users. Ask to speak to a Tweak consultant to discuss your requirements if you need access for more than 10 users.

Is there a limit to the amount of Uploader licenses I can add?

No – every Tweak subscription has 1 Uploader license included, but you can add further Uploader licenses for an additional fee.

What is a portal?

A portal is a specific area where you can share certain designs. For example, you may create a ‘Sales Team’ portal with designs relating to the sales team and another portal for your commercial team.

Is there a limit to the amount of portals I can add?

No – each Tweak subscription has a dedicated number of portals included, but you can add further portals for a quarterly fee.

Are there storage limits on each plan?

Yes – each Tweak  plan has a limit on the amount of storage capacity.  If an account requires extra storage, you can upgrade your account, or purchase a  storage add-on. Our Tweak representatives are happy to help with any storage queries you may have.

Are all Tweak packages annual packages?

Yes. Tweak packages are purchased as a pre-paid annual subscription.

What payment options do I have to purchase my Tweak subscription?

Tweak pricing is available in 2  tiers, and all prices exclude VAT and are annual contracts.

  • Professional- €29.99 per user per month (minimum of 5 users required)
  • Enterprise – €79.99 per user per month (minimum of 10 users required)

See our pricing page for more information.

Is VAT included in my Tweak subscription?

All Tweak subscriptions are shown excluding VAT where applicable.

The Sign Up Process

How do I sign up to Tweak?

You can sign up to any Tweak plan  directly on [email protected] and +35366-979-1400 or you can contact us though the website..

When does my subscription begin?

Your subscription begins 14 days after you purchase your preferred Tweak  plan – the first two weeks are free of charge.

Where can I find the Tweak Brand terms and conditions?

The Tweak terms and conditions are contained within the End User License Agreement (EULA). The EULA is available within the ‘Manage account details’ of your Tweak account.

Is there training and support included?

Each Tweak subscription has free training and support included. We will host live on-boarding sessions with you and your team to ensure you are comfortable with the system. There is also a live chat facility within the platform to be used if a team member encounters any issues.

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