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Rotating your PDF files can be a really useful way of fixing a computer error, if the PDF file you're handling is in the wrong rotation after scanning or a similar process.

There are many types of PDF rotation software available in today's market that will help you edit the rotation on your PDF documents. Sadly, very few of them allow that change to be saved.

Thankfully, Tweak PDF Manager has a feature to turn PDF Files, that allows the changes you make to your documents to be permanent and downloadable. In addition to this, it's both free and online.

This saves you both money and time on expensive, time-consuming software installations. Keep reading to find out how to turn PDF files with ease and download your rotated PDF files in no time!

Upload and Turn PDF Files

Once you have found the homepage for Tweak PDF Manager, you can select the 'rotate' function button.

Turn PDF File

Your next step is to choose the PDF files you wanted rotated. You can select these files by using Tweak PDF Manager's drag-and-drop feature and dragging the files straight into the center of the page, over the PDF page icon.

You can always manually upload your documents by clicking on the PDF page icon or upload PDF files straight from Dropbox.

Turn PDF File

You are able to upload several PDF files in one go, all of which can be rotated in the same window and downloaded at the same time.

Once your PDF files are uploaded, you can hover your mouse over the individual PDF file. In the top right-hand corner of the document, you will see a small arrow icon will appear.

It is with this arrow that you are able to turn your PDF files. With every click of the arrow icon, your document will turn another ninety degrees.

Turn PDF File

If you have found a rotation that suits your needs for your documents, you can finalize your rotation by clicking 'Rotate PDF' at the bottom of your screen.

Download Rotated PDF Files

The next and final step for you, is to download your freshly rotated documents!

Certain types of web browsers and computer models will cause your documents to download straight away.

If your file does not automatically download, you can click on the 'Download PDF' button in the center of the screen. After this single click your files should download into the bottom left-hand corner of your web browser and into your 'downloads' folder.

Turn PDF File

Other PDF Editing Tools

Tweak PDF Manager is a multi-feature tool that helps to accommodate all of your PDF editing needs. From the homepage, you will see that rotating PDF files is the least we can offer you!

With Tweak PDF Manager you can merge, split, compress, convert and add page numbers and watermarks – all within a matter of minutes!

You can also add you own specifications to any of these features such as editing the typography or orientation of your PDF files.

No matter what your PDF editing needs may be, Tweak PDF Manager is here for you!

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