Welcome to the world of easy file organization

Designs, PDFs, images & videos in one safe place

At Tweak, we know that your digital files are at the center of your business. From the moment your team creates a new image, video or design, the files can be uploaded, ready for approval and sharing to your global team in minutes. Your brand assets can be edited, transformed in minutes using only a web browser. Launch marketing campaigns, create brochures and produce any design document in hours not days.


Edit design, without a designer

Reduce agency, design costs

Reduce costs through faster turnaround time and by letting designers focus on design only, and not on expensive editing. Now that you can update campaigns, brochures and design files without input from designers at every stage, you can save your organization hundreds of dollars on every version. You – or your designers – never lose control by setting the editing rights.

Team access to your creative assets

Share & customize brand content

Giving a wide group of users the ability to customize brand designs might be considered a risk, but it’s easy to lock down brand elements – and have marketing approval is required afterwards. PDF creation and sharing permissions are also tightly controlled, with live reporting on every revision and approval. Create print or web ready files in minutes, saving significant time and costs.

User Interface that’s friendly and engaging

Built for simplicity

Users of ‘traditional’ digital asset management systems (DAM) know that it’s tough to get adoption because of complex and less than friendly user interfaces. Tweak’s experience in creating large-scale content platforms ensures that your team will be engaged and delighted to be in control.

Total control of every digital file

A single source of truth for your brand

Your team will feel more connected once they’ve all got access to every brand asset they need. Regardless of location or time zone, everyone can now trust a single source of truth. National and international marketing teams work on one platform ensuring consistency in design output and total control over design asset security. No more searching through folders, hard drives and emails to find files. Everything in one safe place. When files need to be retired, withdrawal is instant and global.


Flyers, point of sale & ads instantly

Automated design reduces costs

Much of the information that is included in brand collateral like brochures, flyers, point of sale and catalogs comes your image libraries and databases. Tweak Cloud can help cut costs by connecting your designs to your data. Entering a product code in our online builder automatically populates your live images and data directly into your design, vastly reducing time and costs.

All of your team can edit & access your design online.

An end to expensive licensing

Many of your users may not need other cloud applications from Adobe and other sources, once you’ve adopted Tweak Cloud, dramatically reducing costs. Tweak Cloud’s software has been created by a team of creative industry experts, using the high-performance IBM Bluemix cloud platform. Pricing is fixed and transparent and the total cost of ownership is one of the lowest. There are no extra hardware, hosting, onboarding or software update costs.

Automated PDF delivery & print provider tracking

Print in one click

Once you click ‘approve’, on a customized design, it can be instantly delivered to your printer provider via Tweak Cloud dashboard. Live reporting on production and shipping status by your printer reduces resources required to manage print production significantly.

Consistent on-brand design

Real time social media

Respond to trending topics or create your next social media campaign in minutes using our ready-to-go templates or new ones you create yourself. This rapid on-brand response ensures consistency on every share to social media.