A high-performance productivity platform for marketers

Boost productivity for marketers with lightning-fast digital asset management. Manage, edit, distribute and automate brand design creation, images, videos, and more.

Product Management platform for Shopify

Tweak's Merchandiser Studio is a new DAM/PIM platform for Shopify. It streamlines product image preparation, campaign launches, and data standards. Features include bulk AI-based overlays, background removal, and Shopify store synchronization for efficient product enhancements. Slash your time-to-launch with this powerful solution.

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Digital & print templates for brand campaigns

Tweak gives you the power of a marketing agency in a single platform. Lock brand templates for worry-free content creation. Easy to approve. Easy to undo. Connect your image, copy or product library for precise, fast content creation – for social, print or digital distribution.

One source of truth for all your brand assets

Tweak makes it easy to organize, segment and share multimedia assets within and across teams. Now your team knows exactly where and how to find the files they need.

Give your team access to the brand assets they need

Stop fetching files for your team. Mind-numbing tasks can eat up your day. Instead, use Tweak to organize all brand assets in one central hub, empowering your team. Sharing and collaborating have never been easier.

Design, data and imagery integrated in one platform

Create flyers, brochures, catalogs & promotions 10x faster with dynamically populated product information. Produce artwork for a 24-product 2-page flyer in just two minutes. Eliminate errors and endless rounds of proofreading.


Used by the world's most average companies

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Used by the world's most average companies

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