Brand Management,

Automate your brand management with online editing – and take control of your digital assets

Empower your

End bottlenecks – anyone can create
brand-approved content using just a

On brand
every time

Every piece of marketing collateral onbrand with approval workflows at lightning speed.

Be Faster than
your competitors

Instantly turn around campaigns to
final production in minutes, not days.

Reduce Marketing
Production costs

Increase your team’s capacity without
hiring or outsourcing.

with live data

Populate your designs with up-to-the-
minute pricing, data and imagery
using Design Automation with just a

Control your
content with DAM

Organize your entire catalog of videos,
images, presentations and more in a
central online library.

Brand Management

Execute the production of marketing
collateral on-brand at scale.


Automate the placement of live data,
pricing and images into your collateral.

Digital Asset Management

Making images, videos, presentations
and designs easy to share and find.

“Tweak Brand Saves us 5000 hours per annum”

Gerry Fallon, CEO, Expert Hardware 

Gerry Fallon
CEO, Expert Hardware

Struggling to deliver on-brand
marketing collateral quickly?

Smart Brand Management will resolve the problem

Tweak Brand allows organizations to respond in an agile way to the challenges of competition. Marketing teams struggle to ensure that collateral is on-brand and on time, but the truth is that creating brand assets is usually in the hands of a small number of skilled colleagues using complex software. This creates frustration for those who need those assets to deliver sales and other vital team goals.

Tweak has created a world of brand design where anyone in the organization can create collateral, completely on-brand, with approvals if required.

Automate design
with brand automation

Brand automation tackles the age-old problem of accelerating the execution of brand campaigns using technology and data. It solves the problem faced by brand managers, marketers and teams who need to execute marketing campaigns at speed using the power of their brands. Competitive environments and short deadlines mean that bottlenecks are created and brand inconsistencies can occur using traditional marketing workflows.

With Tweak Brand automation, existing brand assets in Adobe InDesign format are uploaded to an online platform and shared with the appropriate users and teams. Elements can be locked down in a granular fashion with approval workflows. This means that anyone can produce on-brand collateral without software or design skills.

Automating brand management and production creates a return on investment that reveals very significant savings by cutting down on outsourcing costs and releasing design and marketing resources.

Managing Digital Assets

There’s a point in the life of every organization where free file transfer services and shared drives don’t cut it anymore. While these solutions seem like a great deal, the labor cost of using them can be very high. Links expire, uploads can be slow, some applications require the users to sign up to get access, but most importantly, it’s almost impossible for team members to FIND what they need quickly. The frustration and time lost searching can have a big impact on productivity and achieving enterprise objectives in real time.

Enter Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions like Tweak DAM and it’s a totally different experience. In short, it’s really easy to organise and share all kinds of digital files easily with specific user permissions. Your organisations decides what files are shared with whom and the permissions available. However the most important benefit is that users have ‘instant findability’ for the assets they need


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