Digital & print templates for brand campaigns

Make it easy for the entire team to create timely and on-brand marketing & promotional materials whenever they want.

Automate your asset creation process

Create print & digital marketing materials on the fly using brand templates, and speed up your workflow by removing time-consuming approval and proofing processes.

Accurate & error-free promotions

Smart Data lets you create up-to-date marketing assets using image libraries & live product info.

Robust template permissions

Lock important template elements to ensure marketing assets are on-brand & correctly formatted.

In-platform design tools

Perform simple edits like resize, crop, cut out, colour correct, reformat, and more within Tweak.

“Tweak enables Bathrooms Direct to manage thousands of images for our eCommerce platform and scale fast. We use the platform to support our shopping feeds, printed and digital catalogues, Flipbooks and digital marketing pieces. It’s at the very heart of our marketing toolkit.”

Alan O’Sullivan

 CEO, Bathrooms Direct

Alan O'Sullivan -

Fully integrated with InDesign

Upload InDesign files as a brand template and let your team create as many marketing assets as they need without the fear of unauthorized changes or design creep.

Contextualize assets with data

Upload copy and other key product information (such as pricing and descriptions) and link it to an asset so team members have everything they need to create marketing campaigns at their fingertips.

Save time with smart cropping

Automatically crop images to the size you need with our AI-driven smart cropping tool. Set the desired crop settings, then apply it to images in bulk.

More ways to create

Pre-press settings

Select pre-press settings within the template to ensure that colors, page formatting and bleed are always accurate for print.

Convert & resize images in bulk

Easily convert & resize images to any major format (such as PNG, JPEG or WebP), then download images in one compressed folder.

Flexible asset outputs

Create marketing assets and save them in any desired format, resolution and size. You can even create Flipbook catalogs that are synced to your e-commerce store using your pre-existing assets.

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