Access management for brand assets

Have full control over who can see, share, and edit your brand assets to maintain brand integrity and security.

Flexible user permissions

Control assets to maintain brand integrity, quality, avoid costly errors and unintentional violation of brand guidelines. Decide which teams get access to which assets, anytime, anywhere.

Everything at a glance

The dashboard provides insights into all your assets, including which ones have been recently modified.

Digital rights management

See which assets are safe or not safe to use at a glance.

Approval workflows

Lock template elements and require approval for new assets to prevent unauthorized changes.

“Our marketing partners appreciate that our Marketing Toolkit, which we created with Tweak, has everything they need to promote Active Iron. They always know that they’ve got the current version of brand imagery”

Claire Lynch

Branch Communications Lead, Active Iron.

Claire Lynch - Solvotrin

Eliminate typos

Tweak integrates your design templates, image libraries & product info automatically — no more manual updates.

Public image portals

Create password-protected asset collections for external partners that automatically update when file changes happen.

Automatically detect duplicates

Tweak gives you the option to merge duplicated files so your image library is kept clean, organized and easy-to-search.

More ways to protect your brand

Schedule release & expiry

Set release & expiry dates for restricted assets, and they’ll automatically be made available and removed from shared collections.

Embed & sync assets online

Images and videos can be uploaded & embedded online, and will automatically update to reflect any changes made to the assets in Tweak.

Watermark assets

Images can be watermarked with a simple on/off toggle to prevent unauthorized usage of your assets.

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