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"Creating data-driven marketing materials with speed and precision with Tweak is very much part of our success"
Alan O' Sullivan - CEO


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Leading bathroom retailer Bathrooms 4U has grown rapidly in recent years - thanks to its unique five-day installation promise. The business connects with its customers through its chain of retailshowrooms and its online channel, and its extensive marketing reach. "We're a dynamic business- we deliver value for customers by buying at scale and bringing great offers to our customers through our marketing channels. We struggled to achieve that until we adopted Tweak a few years ago,'' explains founder and CEO, Alan O'Sullivan.

Alan and his marketing team have grown their market share significantly, creating marketing materials for retail and trade customers and rapidly turning around collateral on a scheduled and opportunistic basis. "We buy materials at a vast scale and help our customers beat the recession with lower prices, which are enabled by selling at very competitive prices in large quantities. Wedo this by producing catalogues, flyers, ads, and social media posts that ensure we are top of mind with customers".

"Tweak has helped us manage product images for more than 50,000 SKUs," explained Mr. O'Sullivan. Bathrooms 4U has built a photographic studio to ensure high-quality photography can be created as new SKUs and bathroom designs are added. Product SKUs are embedded in the images as their photographers export these assets directly to Tweak from Adobe Lightroom. These SKUs are connected to pricing and product information using Tweak's Smart Data feature.This is achieved by simply uploading an excel file,, ensuring that all system users are using the correct product images, information and pricing every time. "Tweak empowers the creation of point-of-sale, flyers, brochures, and ads in minutes with complete precision," he explained. "We can instantly create resized versions for our website and social media with badging or pricing offers with complete confidence," he added.

The bathroom 4U store network and sales team on the road can access imagery and edit design templates from anywhere, giving Bathrooms 4U the ability to support a fast-growing business at scale. "Creating data-driven marketing materials with speed and precision with Tweak is very much part of our success," he added.

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