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Update hundreds of products in minutes

Tweak syncs with your Shopify store and empowers you to change product information instantly. What Shopify doesn’t let you do is edit product imagery and add promotional badges and logos in seconds - without Photoshop.

Adapt product images to your needs

“In the fast moving world of bathrooms, styles and products constantly change. We need one source of truth for our product imagery, quickly integrating with eCommerce, print and digital advertising and point of sale. Speed is of the essence and Tweak delivers for us every day.”

—  Alan O'Sullivan

Bathrooms 4 U

Schedule unlimited campaigns

Schedule unlimited campaigns, which automatically roll back to your default product information in minutes.
While you’re sleeping, your campaigns will go live!

Eliminate expensive mistakes

Errors in pricing, which merchants can be obliged to honor, can be devastating. Empower your merchandizers to make draft product changes before approval and go live in a Shopify store.

Find product images sub-second

Tweak’s eCommerce style search and filtration enable you to find product images you need fast. Artificial intelligence makes it easy to crop, add labels and logo overlays and remove backgrounds at warp speed.

Support multiple
Shopify Stores

Tweak can support multiple Shopify stores with faster product management and the ability to connect all imagery with a live sync to your Shopify Store.


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