Tweak for Retail

Update hundreds of products in minutes

Tweak syncs with your Shopify store and empowers you to change product information instantly. What Shopify doesn’t let you do is edit product imagery and add promotional badges and logos in seconds - without Photoshop.

Adapt product images to your needs

“I needed a system that would allow different departments to create and adapt assets remotely. If you've got a well-designed asset, in Tweak, it becomes the gift that keeps giving.”

—  Alan O'Sullivan

Bathrooms 4 U

Launch products faster

Organize and retrieve images, video, copy, and brand elements — all from a single location. Making campaigns quickly to boost sales has never been simpler.

Control your digital assets

Maintain brand consistency across 20 or 200 stores with centralized control over your brand assets. Empower teams out in the field to create time-sensitive promotions without jeopardizing brand integrity.

Create marketing materials faster

Launch time-sensitive promotions in minutes with brand templates. Empower your team to create localized flyers, direct mail, catalogs and more in just a few clicks.

Connect your imagery to data, pricing, or copy for fast campaign creation on all major selling platforms

Export your entire store to the most popular shopping platforms — Shopify, Amazon, and Google Shopping — whether you have dozens or thousands of products. Generate new customers and new revenue. Do the work once and Tweak will do the rest.


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